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Educational Events and Raising Awareness Through the Iris - the Palestinian National Plant

The Arab Tourist Guide Union, partnering with HSS organized an educational tour to see the Palestinian national plant Iris Hynai (in Arabic- Sawsan Faqqu`a) in the village of Faqqu`a, and to view the environmental pioneer projects in the village of Ajja.

The tour in Faqqu'a village included sessions about the plant and about local efforts being made to preserve it and raise awareness about its importance. The tour included an explanation about the plant, the reasons for its selection as a national plant, and its importance as part of Palestinian biodiversity.

The group also visited the solar energy projects in Ajja village and its rural developmental projects. These contribute to promoting economic development in the village itself and neighboring villages.

Several representatives participated in the tour, including the head of the guides union, Mr. Josef Eideh, and the Executive Director, Mr. Linda Khoury. In addition to the participation of the Faqoua Village Council, Mr. Mounir Salah and Mounir Barakat was in attendance. From the Ajja Municipality, Mr. Ahmed Shehadeh and Asim Al-Qasim were present as well.