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Israel Convention – A Shared Society in the Days of Corona. A Social Media Campaign with our partner Citizen Accord Forum

Covid 19 as an opportunity? What challenges are we going through?

What can we learn? How can we cope?

Our partner CITIZEN ACCORD FORUM has launched an ongoing campaign where we think  about:                                                                                                                        

  • Subjects on the personal level – in terms of identity, religion and belief, philosophical questions, psychological questions – within population sectors and across sectors, tribes and other groups.
  • The social and inter-personal level – the social bond within a community and the social bond between communities and tribes: Is there a difference?  If so, what is that difference?  What are the conditions for a social bond? What are the conditions of mutual trust? Why do we see a loss of trust in society, policy makers and between each other, is this related to responsibility or to freedom?
  • The social level – the role of the media and the role of the political, social and religious leadership.

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