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Digital Methodologies for Activism and Social Change – Research in Times of COVID-19

Since COVID-19 outbreak, the world has made a quantum leap in its reliance on digital platforms in order to connect and influence others. NGOs and social movements are finding social media an essential vehicle for coordinating action. Shatil was seeking to broaden and deepen Israel’s pool of resources on digital-driven methodologies.

The project aimed to investigate the innovative ways that citizens and social movements in Israel and throughout the world are leveraging digital technology to actively advance democracy. Shatil engaged in the execution of research that explores the challenges and opportunities that the digital age presents to activism. The nine chapters include a mapping of the primary research trends in digital activism and offer technological and conceptual methods for the use of digital media as part of social change processes.  

According to the research, the pursuit of digital activism requires a holistic vision and a systemic approach that goes beyond the discussion of technological tools. Digital activism requires new consideration of the messages, the target audiences, the collaborative internal processes, and mechanisms to build consensus to leverage and demonstrate power. All of these are part of a systemic, holistic vision.

The full research can be found here (the research is in Hebrew, the executive summary in English):