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Sderot’s Multi-Cultural Incubator for Civic Leadership 2020

The goal of this year’s program with our partner GVANIM, was to develop a multicultural perspective among the new MCCL training program group.

Meetings designed to provide tools for sustaining and leading respectful and complex discourses on conflicts within the diverse layers of Israeli society and in Sderot In particular, took place. Thus allowing young adults from different ethnicities, religious and social backgrounds to develop leadership skills and apply the learned tools of leadership in a greater social involvement, participatory political engagement and community projects that emphasize a shared society whilst acknowledging diversity. Our group met regularly even though, every second week security issues: rockets fired from Gaza and fires due to incendiary balloons were psychologically detrimental towards the fulfillment of our goals. In spite of this, the group was fine-tuning their participatory engagement when the Covid 19 pandemic broke out. The challenge of this new threat and the turmoil of the total lockdown, a completely new situation for all of us, made the group rethink their priorities.  All of them volunteered for helping with food distribution, primary care in the community and taking care of youth at risk and with disabilities during the first lockdown.